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Flexible Learning @ Courses 4 U

Flexible Learning @ Courses 4 U

Flexible learning – If our goal is to support students in becoming self-directed, independent

and interdependent, then we must provide a learning environment that supports them in doing


The above is a statement from an American Educationalist at a major school. She goes on to

claim that classroom learning, with its rigid timetables, start and finish times and fixed

curricula, actually act as barriers to learning.

I have to say I agree. If students are to develop 21st century skills such as Creativity, Critical

Thinking and Problem-Solving, Collaboration, the Ability to Access and Analyse Information

And, if they are to become Innovative and Entrepreneurial, Agile, Adaptable and demonstrate

Initiative, then a learning environment must be provided that supports the development of

these skills.

We at Courses 4 U online, are structured in ways that create such an environment. Tutorials,

presented online, that pave the way for students to access the provided learning materials.

Support, that allows them to take charge of their own learning, whilst having a

knowledgeable and experienced teacher available at the end of a phone line or E mail box

when needed, are the way forward in today’s ever more complex world.

Online education will eventually become mainstream, but it is here now, for those focussed

students who wish to succeed. It is also excellent preparation for the style of learning. Should

they wish to continue to university.

The article is written by Philip Hodkinson, who has 40 years of experience in delivering and

teaching in the further education sector. For comments and feedback write to

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